Mercedes 190SL is often called the „little brother” of the iconic, sporty Mercedes 300SL.

Its production started in the spring of 1955 and lasted until the spring of 1963, during which time 25,881 units were produced. It was produced in two versions of the Roadster – with a soft top and Coupe – with a hard removable top. At the end of 1955, Mercedes introduced a package thanks to which the car could be „sported” by itself or through a dealer. This package was called „Sport” or „RennSport” and featured a lightweight aluminum door without a glass and exterior handle, and a fairing or fairings in place of the windshield. As these packages were quite expensive, they did not find many buyers (7-17 sets sold). Mercedes stopped offering them in 1957. To reduce weight, owners also removed bumpers and soft-top elements.

A frequent change was the replacement of standard Solex carburettors with Weber carburettors with short air filters. This modification improved the comfort of use and added about 20HP.


Such a „slimmed-down” SL-R weighed around 1 ton and its maximum speed increased by. 170 at 220 km / h.

The exterior mirrors were also replaced with Talbot mirrors such as those in Gullwing and the steering wheel with a wooden sports one.